Marinahop~Miyajima route

(BUS+BOAT to Miyajima)

MARINAHOP is free parking !!

Departing,from MARINAHOP a shopping and amusement plaza in the seasaide town of Kannon facing the Hiroshima Bay!

Fares;One way

Adult 1200yen  Child 600yen


Adult 2000yen Child 1000yen

Required Time

(Kaioh 45minutes)

(High Speed ship 25minutes)


Marina hop and Miyajima Route

TEL  082-295-2666


Marina HOP Access

※Time of a bus  

Then ,at Marinahop ,Take a rute bus ♯3 to Kamiya-cyo area from where you can get to the A-bomb Dome and the Peace Memorial Park within five minutes.


Take a rute bus ♯3 to JR Hiroshima station or A bomb Dome (kamiya-cyo bus stop just in front of Hiroshima Bank) to MARINAHOP.

 Bus Fare;260yen from JR Hiroshima station or 250yen from kamiya-cyo to MARINAHOP.

 The buses leave every 8 minutes!


Hiroshima Sta.

Bus stop NO1

Hondoori  bus Sta.

Hon-dori  bus stop just in front of Hiroshima Bank.

4-14-35,Kanon Shinmachi,Nishi-ku Hiroshima-shi,Hiroshima,


Hiroshima River Cruse  

Holiday  (Wed)

Hiroshima River Cruise  Access

It takes around 3minutes to Atomic Bomb Dome by  on foot.

9 Ootemachi,Naka-ku Hiroshima-shi,Hiroshima,Japan


メモ: * は入力必須項目です

TEl082-295-2666      FAX082-275-5437